There is much more to the fashion world than ritzy designers and high end apparel stores. The behind the scenes world of the fashion industry is much like any other production and distribution business world, made up of dozens of companies specializing in one specific section of the whole process. Inventory control companies in particular are a frequent middleman between designers and stores, simplifying everyone’s job and making the flow more efficient.

Firms that specialize in processing, distributing and sometimes packaging apparel rarely engage in other fields. Their focus is on the storing and supplying high-fashion products to stores in their area. At the most, some businesses offer price affixation or label change services if a manufacturer must make a small change after their products have left the factory.

From the outside, it appears like a designer thinks up a style and suddenly their genius appears on the racks of local stores. In reality, inventory companies are the ones who make the connection from manufacturer to retail location. They simplify the workload of designers by letting them focus all their energy on designing instead of having to also keep think about shipping and inventory details. For store managers, inventory and distribution companies let them focus on their store and sales.

One of the major benefits of using a third party inventory control company is that it means designers and stores don’t need to have their own storage space. Warehouse footage is expensive, and keeping track of stored inventory and managing warehouse employees just adds more hard work to the situation. When a middleman company is used, products are shipped directly to the inventory management company’s warehouse where they can be kept until the store requests a delivery.

While this behind the scenes aspect of elite fashion might seem boring to you, the consumer, who thinks of fashion as something that miraculously migrates from the TV screen to store shelves, inventory control companies improve the process of distribution for designers and stores alike. Their work not only makes the process smoother for those in charge, it also ensures your favorites products get to you as fast as possible.

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