High Blood Sugar And Impotence: Where Is The Link?

It has been stated that males who suffer with diabetes are more at risk of experiencing impotence problems particularly if the disease has not been brought under control. The risk of females suffering the same fate is present however the risk is not as high as with males. There is a cycle of events that occurs with diabetes and impotence.

Although impotence is suffered by men with diabetes, this is only one of the effects brought on by diabetes. Diabetes sufferers have high blood sugar because of the inability of blood cells to absorb glucose. It happens when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin. Insulin is required by the blood cells to absorb the sugar. The result is high glucose levels and this causes other body system problems. At first it will cause diabetes, and impotence might be the next in this chain of actions.

After this the pressure measurements of the blood will intensify. So the result is that many sufferers of diabetes will also experience raised blood pressure due to the lack of blood being circulated as the blood cells are ineffective.

The stoppage of nitric oxide will occur as the pressure builds up. This build-up causes damaged blood vessels and a subsequent decrease in blood flow. This chemical normally does the job of sending messages to the arteries and the muscles which are located in the penis to inform them to allow the flow of blood to enter. Sexual information will not be transmitted via the nerves or the vessels that cause the link between the brainwaves and the man’s sexual organs. This will make it difficult for an erection to occur because of the lack of blood flow.

Generally diabetes sufferers will also have high cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol hinder the dilation of the blood vessels. It creates fat deposits in the arteries’ walls and due to this the flow of blood in the body is restricted.

An awareness of the effects of diabetes on penis function should prompt you to seek medical advice to find out what the cause of impotence is. If you have not been put on medication for your diabetes, you should consider having these tests done first and to bring that under control.

Misuse of alcohol, medicines as well as stress could also be a cause of impotence. So if your diabetes and impotence are not linked, these factors will have to be considered. There are medications that can be prescribed to assist with impotence.

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