HHO Gas Cars Reducing Foreign Fuel Use

News are made by HHO cars and it is a topic of wonder if this type of technology is able to decrease our dependence on foreign oil. HHO gas car kits are available online and are claiming an increment in gas mileage up to 100%. If any inquiry is done then it will be seen that 15 – 40% seems more typical.

You could always purchase a hybrid car but these cars are not economical costing thousands of dollars.

With oil consumption is globally increased and through 2009 it is expected that consumption in the U.S. should increase about 0.8 percent as younger drivers come on board. As the oil consumption of third world countries increasing it the current supplies will have extra burden. There is a good news that is the output more barrels per day will be continued by the current supplies and to the current supply so overall this effect will be that supplies will not continue to get any tighter. It is expected that current oil and gas prices will be somewhat stable through 2009. Even with gasoline prices remaining about the same it still puts burden on many drivers who have a limited budget. This will leave many drivers looking for substitute ways to increase gas mileage or cut back on driving and analyze other methods of improving gas mileage such as HHO gas car kits.

With current government figures showing that about 60% of our crude is imported even a minimal increase in gas mileage of 15% would be enough to tip the scales and reduce foreign oil imports. To seriously reduce our dependence on foreign oil couple HHO technology with other hybrid car technologies and it would be very possible. It would also have an impact on global warming due to the reductions in emissions.

With gas prices increasing every time you filling up many people are looking for alternatives to save fuel. HHO gas car kits are becoming more popular as an substitute energy source. Many call an HHO cell a hydrogen fuel cell or hydrogen on demand system. HHO gas is converted from water, a catalyst, and electrical current. Water for gas is often the claim. This would be great to take an existing technology to convert your current car to a water burning vehicle.

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