Here’s What You Need To Know About The Hugger Ceiling Fan

Just think of how nice it would be to relax comfortably while enjoying a movie through high quality Bose speakers. But then you realize it’s warm, but not warm enough to activate the air condition system.

Also, you really don’t want to turn a fan on that might blow your stuff around the room. You want a ceiling fan to keep things cool, but your ceiling is too low to have one. What can you do in this situation? This is where hugger ceiling fans come in. In this article we will focus on both the pros and cons of these fans and how you can buy them.

A nice ceiling fan can really improve the style of your room. But usually there is the problem of needing a high ceiling to accommodate the hanging blades and the lights that drop even further below that. It can be a bit painful to raise your hands in a room with a low ceiling that also has a ceiling fan.

Once again, the hugger ceiling fan is to the rescue. This fan type is made give you plenty of room. The blades of the fan hug against the ceiling giving you more space between the floor and the ceiling. This can give you an option to own a ceiling fan without it getting in your way.

One issue that the hugger ceiling fan has is the fact that the blades are so close to the ceiling that it will get less air flow and give a weaker breeze for the room compared to normal ceiling fans. Most of the time the blades are quite a bit shorter as well.

Online websites will sell these fans as well as many local stores. It would be a better idea to do some research on them online first to see the various styles and to get an idea on how much you will be spending.

A hugger ceiling fan will make your room more stylish and keep it cool in the room. You should ensure that the color as well as the style of the fan matches your room.

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