Helping The Planet Through Carbon Offset

As the planet tries to cope with the serious threats posed by air pollutants and greenhouse gases, carbon offset is providing an incentive to motivate governments and companies to maintain carbon emissions within reasonable limits.

The unregulated emission of hazardous greenhouse gases is checked by the carbon offset idea, which does so by providing incentive for use of alternative and green energy, reforestation projects etc.. The carbon credits plan of the 2005 Kyoto Protocol, an international environmental treaty signed by 170 countries in 2005 lays down the emission limits for countries, which then governs permissible emissions by industrial units.

According to the Protocol, firms belching out thousands of kilos of carbon dioxide have to either reduce on their emissions to the allotted levels, purchase carbon credits certificates, which can be traded on the bourses, or otherwise end up paying a carbon tax in order to be in compliance with the prescribed reduction. Carbon credits, which were introduced before carbon offset, are the most preferred and cheap option for manufacturing businesses emitting more than the permitted limit of greenhouse gases, with one credit equal to one tonne of carbon dioxide released into the air. Many large corporations voluntarily purchase carbon credits in a bid to develop and portray their carbon neutral image in front of investors, customers, and corporate partners.

Another novel method, carbon offset, has paved the way for an excellent economic opportunity, especially in the third world countries, as the scheme provides adequate financing for green projects that are created to help reduce the overall carbon footprint in the world. It greatly aids in popularizing renewable and eco-friendly energy alternatives like tidal energy and wind energy, and in funding projects on nature conservation and reforestation.

Ordinary people are also using this method and are purchasing carbon offset to make the environment cleaner and to spread awareness about environment conservation. Carbon offsets are available for buying online through many providers, but it should be verified that the provider is actually putting money into impactful carbon reduction initiatives.

However, we should remember that buying carbon offset does not take away our responsibilities, and that all of us can play a vital part in decreasing our carbon footprints by bringing minor changes to our daily lives. Minor steps like turning off electrical devices and appliances when not in use, substituting fossil fuels by cleaner ones like biodiesel, and making use of LED lighting and low-energy bulbs can go a long way in decreasing overall emissions.

Carbon offset is not yet a popular word for an average person. Mass awareness on the issue through widespread education is needed to bring us some steps closer to a pollution free and green environment.

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