Helpful Information About Using Golden Retriever Dog Breeders

Golden retrievers are the fourth most popular family dog in the United States. Originally developed to help hunters retrieve their game, these dogs have soft mouth so that it is brought back untouched. They are an intelligent breed capable of filling a variety of roles that are helpful to people, i. E. Guide dogs. Because of the dog’s friendly disposition and known calmness around children, it is a surprise that this canine isn’t the most common family dog in the U. S. With the popularity of golden retrievers, comes a great demand for them. While adopting a golden retriever from a pound or rescue organization is a great idea, often those dogs are older therefore having some ingrained habits, both bad and good, that owners do not have the time to correct. Another issue with adoption is that sometimes a papered (a certification that it’s pure bred) dog is desired because of the prospect of future breeding or studding out, which will most often not be found in the pound. Getting a dog that has papers will require finding reputable golden retriever dog breeders.

Finding a well respected breeder is often sacrificed for price. Puppy mills tend to be less discriminatory when choosing the dogs for mating. What this means that there has been breeding using related canines resulting in the exacerbation of certain health problems, with the most well known disease being hip dysplasia. Golden’s have a propensity for a number of diseases including those of the heart, joint, and eye, not to mention that they have a tendency towards having skin allergies and hemophilia.

Although it may sometimes seem like all golden’s are alike, there are standards set by the American Kennel Club in the United States (AKC), the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) in Canada, and the British Kennel Club (KC) for the rest of the world. The American golden retriever is not as stocky as the British one and the Canadian golden is like the American version but with thinner, darker colored fur.

Desired characteristics of the offspring are often considerations when deciding the parents. It could vary from producing a show dog, an intelligent one, or maybe lineage and temperament. To be successful requires extensive research into the lineage and health of preceding generations. It takes a lot of money and time from the breeder to have quality puppies.

The decision to go to a breeder for golden retrievers takes a lot of forethought and investigation into these businesses. Not only should the reputation be examined, but also if they are registered with either the breed registries, or kennel clubs. It is important that they are able to supply the owner with litter papers that are required by all of the kennel clubs.

The better breeders will supply results from genetic testing along with information about lineage. Negative test results only means that the probability of a congenital illness is low, but that is not a guarantee that the puppy will never be afflicted with some illness.

Most of the better breeders require a contract to be signed and allow potential puppy owners to examine the facilities. If the facilities are poorly kept, if there are a lot of dogs or different breeds, or if their dogs are not socialized, then that place should be avoided.

Golden retriever breeders have their work cut out for them. There are so many potential diseases and variables to be considered prior to breeding, that it results in being expensive and time consuming if done properly. People often think saving money by acquiring a puppy from a cheaper and less reputable breeder is a great idea, but ultimately this little dog may wind up having a potentially fatal disease, and congenital disease. That is a huge risk when examining all the probable and common problems of goldens. The wisest thing to do is thoroughly check into golden retriever dog breeders before deciding to add the adorable canines into your household.

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