Helpful Hints For Throwing Parties On A Budget

A few helpful hints can help you save time and money on birthday parties for years to come. These tried and true suggestions come from a family of big party throwers. The best thing is that these ideas are practical and…they work!

Years ago, my sister taught me the fine art of thinking ahead. I was giving a party for my daughter and her husband who were visiting. It was a “Welcome to Texas” party and would be done in a red, white and blue with blue bonnets, cowboy decorations and anything else “Texas” as the theme.

As I sat at her kitchen table, making a long list of items I would need, wondering where I would find them quickly, I noticed she was bringing out boxes and boxes of “things”. She just happened to have a silk arrangement of bluebonnets, red napkins, plates and cups, blue streamers and just about everything else I could want for. Together we even located one lone cowboy boot to place the blue bonnets in.

When I asked her why she just “happened” to have all the goodies, she explained, “I stock up.” She went on to tell me the game plan. After Christmas, she loads up on red items that can be used for Valentines, the Fourth of July, birthday parties and even a “Welcome to Texas” event. Green can double for St. Patrick’s Day as well as some birthday parties.

That is when I decided i too would be a “box lady”.

And that’s not all…there’s more! Not only can you find deals on partyware items, but other things too. After Easter, you can find great deals on pastel serving bowls, rubber duckies and all sorts of things you can later use for a birthday party or shower. You don’t even have to know what the occasion will be, just tuck the items’ away in the stock box.

Dollar stores are gold mines. Be on the look out for things you can use later like packages of party favors and craft supplies. You can often find table covers for a buck and other great deals.

It’s a good idea to keep your supplies together in well marked boxes or labeled tupperware containers. It’s not fun to know you have what you need but to be unable to find it.

Another item that can be purchased cheaply after a holiday is candy. You can use candy even if it has gone stale for non-edible crafts and decorations.

For example, you can sprinkle red hots on a blue table cover when giving a party with the colors red and blue in the theme. A Candyland Party theme is perfect for using candies at craft time and is a great time to pull out the gingerbread house you got on sale after Christmas last year.

Now you will more than likely rummage through the bargain bins after holidays just as I do. As you pull the items out to use each time, keep a mental tally of the money you have save and you will be amazed.

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