Help With How To Extract Ruined Or Wrecked Pavers To Lay New Ones

Pavers that have a high volume of traffic may become damaged and need to be removed, here is some information on how to extract broken or damaged pavers to install new ones. There are many ways to remove these damaged pavers, either by hand or by using a specialized paving tool.

By using a this type of tool, the possible damage to other tiles is minimized. Ensure that you have all safety equipment on hand such as gloves and safety glasses.

Many pavers have been laid on an application when first laid. The paver will have to be removed from this before it can be lifted. This could be sand around the paver which will need to be scraped out or by putting water on the paver and gently tapping the pavers around the broken one to loosen it.

The next step is to line up the teeth with the joint then ensure that the frame of the extractor is tight on the top of the paver. The teeth of the extractor need to be tightened down as far as possible. When an extractor tool is attached correctly it will touch the top of the paver on each end of the paver.

A Quickpin then needs to be inserted so those slide bars are offset to get the correct handle width. Having the correct handle width allows both handles to be squeezed by only one hand and will not touch upon force being applied to the handles.

The extractor will need to rock gently in a back and forward motion while the handles are being squeezed which will start lifting the paver. To ensure that no damage is done to the teeth of the tool and possibly need replacing, if a paver starts to slip it needs to be gently lowered.

If you need to stop and retighten the tool, do this to limit damage to the tool then continue to remove all pavers that need removing.

The next part of the job is to lay the new tiles in place of the broken tiles. You will need some extra tools to complete this step. These tools and equipment may include bedding sand to fill in the area after the new pavers are laid, extra pavers incase any are damaged and a rubber mallet.

Some areas may require pavers to be cut; use a diamond saw to cut the pavers to the correct size. After all the pavers have been laid they will need to be secured in place, this can be done with a plate compactor or a rubber mallet. The last step in laying the pavers is to spread dry sand over the pavers then sweep it into the gaps.

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