Heartworm Disease – Dangerous Treatment Not Necessary With Heartworm Medicine For Dogs

When your veterinarian recommends heartworm medicine for dogs it’s not wise to dismiss the advice as something you can do later. Heartworm prevention can save the life of your pet and eliminate the need for harsh, expensive treatments in the future. Heartgard is the original and perhaps most recognized form of heartworm prevention in canines. A beef flavored wafer given to your pet monthly is cost effective and an important part of caring for the health of your pet.

The worms do not only affect your dog’s heart but can lodge in the lungs, kidneys and liver and damage those vital organs. The long thread-like worms are spread by mosquitoes when they bite your pet and grow to maturity inside your dog’s body. Within two weeks of being infected, your dog’s blood can be drawn by mosquitoes and used to infect other animals.

Young heartworms mature in about six months but cannot mature unless they pass through a mosquito. Though heartworm is diagnosed in canines in all 50 states, it is not surprising that the disease is most common in the Southeastern states where hot, humid climates provide the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Your dogs can be infected several times by different mosquitoes. Mature heartworms migrate to the dog’s heart and lungs and can live inside the animal for 5-7 years. Dogs newly infected may not be properly diagnosed until adult heartworms are present.

Heartworms clog the arteries and the animal’s heart must work harder to circulate blood. Pulmonary hypertension results when the right side of the animal’s heart must push blood through blocked arteries. A strong heart can work harder and keep the blood moving but eventually the heart muscle begins to weaken as the muscle thickens. Arrythmia can result and led to death.

Fluids accumulate in the abdominal and chest cavities cause the dog to appear to have a distended belly. The worm may also cause an immune reaction in many pets with antibodies resulting that cause painful joints and eye inflammations. The antibodies may also damage sensitive membranes.

A dog with a high number of heartworms may not display symptoms of the disease until it is well advanced and life threatening. The right side of the heart can become clogged with adult heartworms that expand into the veins feeding blood to the heart. This is Caval Syndrome which arises suddenly when the dog collapses nd goes into shock. Emergency treatment is surgery to attempt to remove as many heartworms from the heart as possible with a clamp inserted into the jugular vein. The animal may survive with surgery but without fast treatment the dog will die within 48 hours of onset of symptoms.

There is no need for dogs to die suddenly or suffer from heartworm disease at all. The flavored tablets of Sentinel and the beefy wafer of Heartgard pet meds appeal to dogs who take the medicine willingly. Revolution topical spot on drops protect from both heartworm and from fleas and is easy to apply monthly. You will need a prescription for heartworm medicine for dogs but can purchase the products at discount prices online.

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