Hearing aids and ear plugs are two very different things. Hearing aids are what you wear to help you hear. This is being worn by people who are suffering from temporary or permanent hearing defects. There are different types and brands of hearing aids. You may opt to wear the big ones that are more accurate and have more functions or the small ones such as the completely in the canal or CIC hearing aids that are less visible but have less functions.

Big ones have longer battery life and allow you to manually or automatically control the background noise. However, it is very visible and if you are conscious about it, this may not be the option for you. The small ones are less visible allowing you to actually show your ear and wear some accessories. However, it has shorter battery life and has limited capacity in controlling background noise.

The ear plugs are what you wear to limit the noise of your environment. Everyone should actually have this. This is necessary so we can prevent abusing our ears. The normal level of sound our ear can handle is just as loud as our speaking voice. Loud music we get by wearing headphones and watching live concerts are really damaging to the ear.

The normal level of sound that it is capable of handling is actually as loud as a speaking voice. Imagine the work it does when you surround yourself with sounds that reaches up to a kilometer. That is torture and the ear could just give in.

Music is not the only source of loud sounds. Machinery, cars honking, explosion or screaming create as much of a damage as loud music. The worst part is that the damage may not be immediate. It could hit you when you get older, just as when you need it the most.

The pre-molded hearing aid is less flexible than the universal one but is massed-produced. It works the same way but it has different size, like the sizes of a dress: extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large. It is usually made from plastic and rubber. The custom molded is the one that is specially made for you.

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