Health Secretary Sets Out NHS Spending

The new Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced that NHS spending will increase in real terms but warned that to do so, extensive efficiency warnings were key. He explained how Labour’s vast increase in health spending over their last decade in office was “not sustainable for the future”. Some questioned how the coalition of parties with opposing views on health would affect the big question of spending but the Liberal Democrats have accepted a Conservative “ring-fence” to guarantee real-term increases in keeping with inflation.

The new Business Secretary Vince Cable has criticised the plan claiming it would lead to deeper cuts elsewhere in Whitehall. On BBC Radio 4, Secretary Lansey announced that the Lib Dems had accepted the need for real term increases but acknowledged that it will impact upon other departments.

“We have come together as two parties, each with our own mandate from the General Election, but in order to secure the national interest,” said Lansley. Although parliament has immediate plans to begin to cut the deficit and deal with the debt crisis, during the campaign the Conservative Party were very clear that they would not let the sick pay for Labour’s debt crisis by making cuts to the National Health Service.

The coalition plan to safeguard the NHS by ensuring that resources and spending are increased each year in real terms, but Lansey warned that just by protecting the real level of spending relative to the level of inflation in the economy as a whole, it will not protect the NHS from the need to secure efficiency savings and to control pay and prices in the NHS.

Just like the rest of the public sector, sustainable spending in the NHS needs to be based on efficiency. Because of the nature of the NHS, Lansley believes that making savings on efficiency will create funding that can be reinvested back into the NHS to deliver an improving service. Lansley finished by acknowledging that although this spending plan will affect other areas, it is unsustainable to cut the real value of the NHS budget.

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