HCG Diet Info: Dieting Slipups, Forgive And Forget

Everyone makes mistakes. I have. And I’m sure you have. It’s normal. Just yesterday I left home and forgot to lock the front door. The day before that I accidentally emailed my sister a message that was meant for a co-worker. These things happen.

And since we all make mistakes…we all have to figure out how to let them go and forgive ourselves. If we don’t then we can’t move on. And if we handled our everyday mistakes this way…we’d all get so bogged down and overwhelmed that we’d quickly end up with a mental breakdown from regret and guilt.

It’s the same (in theory) in regards to dieting. A diet is made up of certain rules. They usually pertain to what you can and can’t eat, or when you can eat or how much you can eat or all of the above.

Most people that decide they are going to go on a diet are quite serious. They want to lose weight. They have specific reasons. They need to lose weight or they really, really want to lose weight. But even when a dieter is totally dedicated mistakes happen. It’s just a bit of a slipup. You ate something you shouldn’t have. Or you forgot to eat something you were supposed to eat. Or you ate too much of something.

Once you’ve made the mistake (whatever mistake it happens to be) you feel terrible. Many feel like they just failed at their diet entirely. Everyone decides to go on a diet for a reason. They are sure they can do it. They just know that they won’t be breaking the rules.

When they suddenly realize that they haven’t followed through on their promises to follow the rules dieters can be devastated. It can sometimes result in a huge delay in progressing on their diet. Some dieters may find themselves staring at an empty cake plate and realize they’ve just eaten an entire chocolate cake. Other dieters’ mistakes may not be as extreme. Maybe they marinated their chicken instead of grilling it with pepper as the only seasoning.

The right move following a mistake of any magnitude is to immediately reassert yourself and start following the rules again. When you fall off a horse…what do you do? You get back on immediately. Same goes for falling off your diet plan. Don’t waste time wallowing in guilt. Just admit to yourself that you made a mistake and move on; getting right back on track according to the diet’s rules.

Very low calorie diets call for extra dedication. Dieters who are considering starting one should make sure they have adequate info. Homeopathic HCG diets offer extensive HCG diet info. Some distributors even include all the HCG diet info in a handy pocket guide that can be easily carried in a pocket or purse. This makes it easier for dieters to avoid mistakes because they’ve got access to the rules at all times.

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