Having A Career Is Not An Excuse – Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

We love to spend time with our children and bond with them everyday. But as career-oriented and working moms, we rarely have the chance to do so because of our hectic schedules. We long to be with them for every minute of their lives, but we simply can’t. We just can’t find much available time to do so.

Because of our hectic schedule, we are already tired and exhausted whenever we go home. And one of the quickest and simplest form of bonding we could give our children is watching television together. Just by doing so, we think that we have already spent time with them. Watching tv is our way of bonding with them, at the same time, we get to relax our tired body.

Watching tv can be fun, but letting your children watch too often for you to spend time with them is not quality time.While watching tv can be educational especially if they are watching informative programs, too much of it is not a healthy bonding for you and your children.

TV can give useful information, but toddlers learn best by actual touching, tasting, smelling, hearing, and seeing. We say it is educational, but if we are perfectly honest with ourselves, the real reason we allow our children boob tube time is that it is convenient. The colorful, flashing images grab their attention and glue them to their seats. We get to cuddle them without worrying about keeping them busy. TV gives us the luxury of low-maintenance quality time.

But most of the time, despite the convenience, we still feel bad about boob tube bonding. So we often rationalize- we think of the hundred and one things that our precocious children are learning from TV. Unfortunately, there is increasing evidence of the harmful effects of TV on little children.

TV does not allow experimentation- they passively watch the images and absorb pre-processed facts. They can’t interact with it, and because there is no interaction, there is no feedback. A habit of passive learning dampens curiosity and weakens problem-solving skills. Children grow used to being given information, not actively processing experiences for hidden facts and concepts.

The bottom line is, you don’t need energy to watch TV, but you do need to invest time in support activities to glean any educational value from what your toddler watches. A 30-minute Barney tape on numbers has to be accompanied by games and activities where you and your children learn to count together.

Having quality time with your kids does not rely solely on watching TV. There are a lot of fun and educational activities that you could do together to strengthen your bond. Playing is one important bonding activity that you could share with your children.

There are a lot of educational toys available in stores and even online that are great for your children. For your toddlers, Ride-on toys and pedal cars are a sure hit to them. Toddlers love toys that are mobiles. You can bond with them by teaching them how to play and ride on those toys. Its double the fun and enjoyment, plus educational benefits that could help your children in their learning stage.

Being tired and exhausted is not a reason to disregard your time with your children. Spending quality time with them is the most important aspect of a good parenting.

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