Have You Been Served A Foreclosure Notice?

If you are faced with foreclosure you must take fast action and educate yourself about all of your options.

One place you can go to for help and guidance is actually HUD (Housing and Urban Development). The counselors at HUD will provide you with various resources and information about the foreclosure process. They can also help you with finding a place to live if you have to vacate your home.

Another source of help may be through a real estate agent. While it may seem highly improbable, there is a possibility you may be able to sell or even short sale your home to avoid foreclosure.

Your bank may even be inclined to work with you. After all, they have nothing to win by foreclosing on your property. If you have a regular stream of income and can prove an ability to pay, your bank will bend over backwards to try find a way to help you keep your house. Don’t forget, the bank wants to receive payments. If your home forecloses you lose and they lose.

Contacting a legal professional is ideal for legal advise in foreclosure situations. Choose a attorney at law that is experienced in handling foreclosure cases. A loan modification attorney is your best option. They are acquainted with foreclosure and real estate laws and are able to negotiate with mortgage companies on your behalf.

Your lawyer will thoroughly study your loan documents to ensure that no federal laws were violated. Most importantly, your lawyer will be able to detail your options in full detail so that you can make a well informed decision on how to proceed.

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