Hand Water Pump: Your Basic Guide

Based upon where you intend to use it, there are many types of drinking water hand pump. If you require a pump for a five gallon bottled drinking water container, the one that normally offered as a bottled mineral water, then the bottle drinking water pump is the one you need to have. It is specially designed to easily fit into a conventional 5 gallon mineral bottle by swapping the plastic cap that used to seal it. By taking off the existing cap you can actually fit the unit directly on top and rotate it clockwise to tighten up. To get water from it, you will have to squeeze the big button using your palm; carefully pump it in a sequence of small strokes until your cup is filled with water. It is actually very similar to an insulated hot or cold water jug or thermos with pump. The original one was created by Dolphin and cost around $29.95. Nowadays you will find tons of fake products that were launched and look quite the same and value only 1/3 of the original price which is $11.45. Examining the product evaluations from number of people who really purchased and used them say that they have very poor quality and easily breaks for a couple days. The problem is the quality of material used; they were too fragile that if you tighten it too much it produces a crack. Couple of people claim that they function pretty well and that they are worth the investment. This hand water pump is best to use as a backup pump if there is no supply of water as a result of brownouts or when there’s a calamity like storms and some other similar unexpected emergency circumstances. They are also best to use in outdoor activities and special events as a replacement for water dispensers. You can carry them when you are having a picnic around the park, fishing or doing a outdoor camping trip along with your buddies or immediate family, away from home where there is no nearby source of drinking water available. As opposed to water dispensers which are heavy and bulky, the hand water pump is very small and lightweight. When secured on top of the bottled water, it does not occupy a lot of room, leaving you a lot of room for much important things like food, fishing and camping equipment.

Another type of drinking bottle hand pump is the Chrome Rocket Hand Pump by Valterra. This hand pump is a lot more effective than the bottled water pump and actually replaces the kitchen faucet. It uses a special valve system that lets you to switch between two water sources. If there is a regular supply of water from the water pipes, you can use it as a standard kitchen faucet. If there’s no water supply or if your main water pump breaks, you can use it to draw out water from a water reservoir container or any compact container by manually pumping it by using the built-in lever arm. They are normally used in camper van with a transportable kitchen sink installed. Just simply connect it to the 3/8″ barbed water connection at the base of the pump to the water container using a braided flexible or garden hose usually available in most appliance outlets. It is also quite simple to install and mount to the countertop by using the 2 screws that are included in the bundle. Reading through product testimonials from many people who actually purchased and used them reveals that they really perform as advertized and worth for the price. Many people also point out that they are perfect to use as pump for movable hot water shower when doing camping trip and generates descent pressurized water when needed. They cost around $28.17 and come with an attractive chrome finish complete with mounting screws and operation manual. You can easily obtain these pumps in online shops like Amazon and other vendor and authorized supplier of Dolphin and Valterra products.

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