Guitar Essentials – Replacing Strings

Every guitarist should know how to change guitar strings. This is one of the most basic maintenance skills and really not that difficult to learn. All you need is a right tool and a little know how. In this article we’ll talk about why, when, and how to replace guitar strings.

First, let’s take a look at why – why do we need to replace strings? Simple question, simple answer – because they wear out. They wear out from stretching as they’re played, they wear out from exposure to hand oils, dirt, and so on. The point is – they wear out over time.

You can probably imagine what this means. Simply put, they don’t sound the way they should, they become overstretched, greasy, and corroded. And this is definitely not good. Okay then, when do we replace them?

Of course you will replace a string, if it breaks. But you should never wait this long. Most beginner guitarists wait too long before they change their strings. You never wait for a string to break in order to change it.

It is advisable to do it regularly, every few months or so. You should be aware that strings wear out, even if you don’t play the guitar very often. If you’re having difficulties getting your guitar in tune, if strings just don’t sound right, if you see rust on them, then you should definitely change them.

What do you need in order to do that? Not much, it’s quite easy. You will of course need a set of replacement strings, pliers, and a great little tool called a string winder. You can do it without a string winder, but it’s so much easier with it.

To replace an old string you unwind it from the tuning peg, remove the bridge pin from the guitar bridge and insert a new string. Then stretch it and tune it. The most difficult part in replacing a string is to get it in tune. If you’re a beginner, you might need some help with that.

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