Guidelines To Find Great Bargains From Third World Traders

Whenever anyone wears some superb accessory, people often comment on it and ask where this particular piece originated from. What a lot of people are not aware of is that these pieces are often made within some very poor regions indeed. What the customer is paying for it bears no resemblance to what the artisan is paid and this is when they learn that the piece came from a hungry household. However, there is a movement towards fair trade and it is becoming the norm in a lot of instances. Fair trade jewelry, for example, means that the artisan is paid a good price for work undertaken and is often able to feed the family well on these earnings.

It must be known throughout the world by now that most artisans are starving for their art. This is surely not the right way to work but it does not stop some countries taking advantage of this. This falls most heavily on the female gender since they are usually the ones responsible for getting their children through school or even helping them just to survive. Therefore, working for these tiny amounts of money just makes the downward spiral into abject poverty that much easier.

There are some companies with a social conscience for sure and it is these that have started to try to right the problems. They normally buy up all the goods, at a reasonable cost, and then market them to several outlets throughout the world. In this way, the artisans have a definitive sale for everything that they make and they can often start to budget for all their needs. The companies who buy up all the goods do not necessarily make a profit out of doing this. Rather, they use the system as a way of helping the poor to become independent of those bad companies who just give out starvation wages. Because they sell the goods on to charities or non profit organizations, the world is made aware of the plight of these poor countries and they are given a chance to buy the goods and contribute positively to their situation.

Many of the earrings and bracelets have some wonderful tribal or ethnic designs which the western world is very fond of. Beautiful hand crafted beads means that the pieces have an individual look to them since the beads are usually noticeably different. These can be used as focal pieces or even just to the beach depending on what is required from it. Another great selling point for these artisans is that they often used recycled goods because that is all that they can afford. This, along with the sustainable materials that they use, makes them a superb ‘green’ product which is a great selling point since this is now very popular.

Indeed, they have recycling down to such a fine art that they even produce diaries out of materials which do not involve paper. They use recycled cotton based material for the pages and leather for the covers which are bought through sustainable sources.

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