Guidelines On How Schoolteachers Can Start Classes With A Scavenger Hunt

After your kids come back to your kindergarten class after the winter break you could play a little scavenger hunt game with them. You will be only too aware about the requirements that there are for kindergarteners to know certain words.

This is a great way to get the kids to learn all about those sight words that they are learning about and it is good for their writing targets too. If you are teaching a class of twenty kids, you must first split them up into five groups each containing four kids.

Now as an example, if you decide to use twenty sight words you need to make five sets of the words and laminate them. You can make each set in a different color such as Red, blue, Green, Yellow and Purple. The aim of the scavenger hunt is for each team to then find all twenty words in their chosen color group.

This is a fun game that the children will enjoy. You could also leave colored text and picture clues to help them to find the words that they are looking for.

As the kids will already be familiar with everything in the classroom it should not be too hard for them to solve the clues and find the words. If you have a paraprofessional helping you in the class, you could both alternate which team you join and help them to solve the clues. Mix the teams with a wide range of reading abilities in each team to make it fair.

After the game is finished you can gather the class together for a little discussion on the words and how they found it searching for them. Then you could ask somebody to put their hand up if they found a word pertaining to “over” or “below” or any other of the sight words.

This will become a favorite of the kids and it will also help with their reading skills.

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