Guidelines For A Successful Dock Construction

If you own a waterfront property, why not build a dock to maximize your space? Docks are very useful structures that individuals like you can utilize. Aside from docking your boat, you can also use it if you want to go sunbathing, fishing and just simply enjoy looking at the water. However, building one can be quite difficult especially if you really want it to be stable. The good news is you can build one easier by following some tips and guidelines in dock construction.

The first thing that you need to consider before building your own dock are the laws and ordinances within your city or state regarding water structures. You must do some research regarding these laws as the Department of Environmental Protection or DEP of most cities and states require a permit before anyone can build any water structure in the area. They have also provided several different regulations on what type of dock and boat designs, sizes, shapes are accepted for construction.

Once you’ve gathered the needed information and permit to build your dock, you can proceed to the next step. Determine what type of style you want to construct. If you want to build a free-standing dock, create as many designs as you want. If you love to construct a floating one, make as many blueprints as you desire. Just be certain to choose what design you would like to build!

There are two common types of docks. The first one is a long but thin structure and the other is almost the same with the first but it just has a wider dock structure connected to it. When you choose what type of structure to build, be certain to consider what the soil is made of. Check if it’s made out of bedrocks, large rocks or sand as they affect stability of your structure.

Once you’ve decided which type of dock to build, you can start looking for the materials for its construction. You have the option of buying them from your local home improvement shops. Other than that, you may purchase them online and even buy those dock kits for convenience. However, the latter is usually more expensive than the former. Usually, you have to prepare a measuring tape, ladder, wood, metals such as steel and aluminum plus steel screws for your structure. Just make sure that you have the correct list of materials for the type of dock that you want to construct.

When you have already prepared the necessary materials, start installing the pilings 4 feet deep towards the soil to support your floating dock. More often than not, they are made from large and round pieces of lumber. However, they can also be made from various materials. You can install them by using a pound hammer in case the soil is a bit mucky. You may also use the drilling and the jetting technique. Drilling is quite expensive but is highly recommended especially if the soil is made from large rocks. Jetting is the inexpensive way of installing pilings with the use of high-pressured water pump. But, it doesn’t work in areas with heavy clay.

Once the posts are done, you can start constructing and attaching the dock frames together. After that, you can also start installing the floorboards, from land to water. After these steps, you can then enjoy your new dock.

Building your own waterfront structure is not that easy. However, if you just use these guidelines for dock construction, you will surely get all the benefits it can give. Once you’re finished making the structure, you won’t regret that you’ve done it yourself!

Dock Construction

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