Guarantee That Your Article Gets Accepted

There are hundreds if not thousands of article directories on the web today. Just submitting your article to article directory websites does not guarantee that your article content is going to be published. Many article directories have acceptance requirements that are reasonably general in sense. Almost all of the more established, more well-liked sites, are harsh about what gets printed and what gets rejected.

If you would like to make sure that more of your articles are accepted by online article directories you have to make sure your article meets the publisher’s standards. As an owner and publisher of article sites for years, I’m dazzled at how many writers don’t bother to read thru submission guidelines. Many article directories will accept any article submitted, particularly if it is a new article index, as a way to build up their content database. Nevertheless article sites that are more established with high Alexa and Google rankings, have a tendency to be more picky in what’s posted in their article directory.

The biggest mistakes writers make in submitting their article include:

1. Affiliate links and advertisements. Many article websites don’t accept articles with affiliate links in them. This is routinely permitted in the wrioters resource box but many writers insist on adding their affiliate links in the piece or the body sounds more like a sales pitch. This kind of article is often times not approved. Be certain to make your document informational to the reader.

2. Wrong category selection. While most site owners will simply take a second or two to place an article in the right class, editors are finding this too time consuming and will usually just remove the content. Sites that receive fifty or even more articles every day generally don’t have the man power to edit each article and select a suitable class. Be certain to decide on the most topical category for your content at the time of submission.

3. Punctuation and spelling errors. Editors don’t have time to proof-read each article for typos or punctuation errors. If you would like to make sure that your article is picked up by these article directory sites and used on other web sites, you will want to ensure you have completely checked your article for screw ups. Ezine and newsletter editors regularly get material for their publications from these content directory websites. If your article is not well crafted or contains lots of inaccuracies, your article is probably not going to be used for any reason aside from giving you a free link to your site from the article website.

If you’d like to increase the exposure you get through your article content, make sure you are familiar with the prerequisites for each article site that you submit articles to. By adhering to these author laws, you not only increase your odds of having your article printed, you also set yourself up as a convincing article author and increase your website traffic as well.

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