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The Internet has become the largest medium of communication; and has presented lots of company opportunities. Online home based company owners tend to limit themselves to online advertising methods. Nevertheless, there is really a large potential to promote your house based company through some cost effective offline marketing strategies. So what are the most effective offline advertising strategies for your home based business?

1. Word of mouth inside your circle of influence Word of mouth is 1 of the best free advertising channels. We all have people we interact with on a daily basis, and these are potential customers. Make a list of all the people you know or interact with and how can you best tell them about your internet business. Be passionate about your internet company and always be prepared to tell somebody about it when an opportunity to do so presents itself!

2. Mail-out newsletters and flyers Mail-out newsletter or flyers can be efficient if you target it to a specific ‘group’. You could create 1 to distribute to local day care centers just as an example – and inside your newsletter or flyer, highlight the advantages of an on the internet company to the targeted group, for example earning money at home for stay at home moms or dads. Posting your home based company URL on bulletin boards can also be effective.

3. Use and give away free of charge branded ‘stuff’ You are able to market your company by having your URL on all your stationery, all written communication and other items you can give away for free. Should you want to get a lot of people to know about your house based company, you’ll need to come up with some creative ways of promoting your URL. You could be limited only by your imagination. Have your company cards with your house based business URL. Give them out to individuals you meet, leave them about where you can, like in your local coffee shop.

The offline marketing strategies outlined above can help you grow your home based company. I have utilized these methods a lot and they work well. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and market your company offline!

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