Green Business Certificate – No Cost Marketing Methods For Small Businesses

Many small companies are run from people’s house computers and fall under the radar of company statistics. Whether you are working for a multi-level advertising company or selling painted bird houses the difficulty of advertising your items without a spending budget is overwhelming. A home-based company can’t compete with their larger counterparts. That’s why in numerous cases owners are expected to tap into their individual relationships to make sales.

Like many of you I run a small home based business and have learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. In the beginning, many years ago, I wasted cash paying for different types of advertisements. None of them worked well. Now my spending budget is nearly $0 and I receive thousands of visitors a year. How did I do this?

Strategy #1 Email: Rather than paying for lists and possibly getting in trouble for spamming I send companies a very personalized email message. How do I find these businesses? I find them by looking on the web, going to their homepage, reading a little about them, and then sending them a personalized e-mail about my product. The key is personalization. Write a basic sales letter which highlights your product, offers contact information and how it can impact a particular kind of company.

Technique #2 Information: Search engines and customers love informative articles. We have all heard the saying, “knowledge is power”. Customers want to learn about their company as much as possible. Posting informative articles on your web page will help visitors keep returning for additional info and hold them there longer. Info also increases your credibility like a company to the potential customer.

Strategy #3 Ezine Articles: Like I said in technique #2 people love free info. Those same content articles I placed on my web site for my current customers can also be utilized to lure new customers. By making sure that your content articles are informative, professional and worthy you can submit those to article databases for free content. Then websites pick up the article to post on their own site. The trick is to have your personal contact information either embedded into the article or as a tag line on the end.

The three strategies work together to enhance the popularity of a web site and decrease the amount of time you waste everyday. Passing out company cards and networking with other owners works well together and kills two birds with one stone. Sending out personalize emails and reading about your clients website helps to improve your understanding of your clients needs while advertising to them. The overall technique of company would be to make more cash and spend less time and resources doing it.

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