Google’s Pixel smartphones have a feature for automatically recording and downloading videos in emergency cases

She appeared in the emergency app for Pixel.

The function appeared in the Personal Security application for Pixel smartphones — in it users can quickly report an emergency to rescuers and selected contacts, writes The Verge. It was discovered by XDA-Developers and Android Police specialists.
To activate emergency mode, the user needs to press the power button five times. In it, users can call an emergency service, turn on an audio alert or share information with contacts.
Now users can record and forward videos. The application can record continuously for 45 minutes if the user has enough memory.
When connected to the Internet, the recording will be automatically saved in your Google account, and if the automatic publishing feature is enabled, a link to the video will be sent to your favorite contacts. When you turn on this mode, you can use the phone as usual, only the video recording icon will appear.
The iPhone has a similar “Emergency Call – SOS” function. In an emergency, you can automatically call the emergency service and send a message or location information to your contacts.

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