To return to the usual software for users, the brand owners had to go to extreme measures.

Google services will start working again on Chinese smartphones and tablets Honor. The software will be installed in the spring of 2021.
Previously, this was not possible due to the war that broke out between the American corporation and the parent company Huawei. But after leaving the organization, the” Chinese ” skillfully circumvented the sanctions of the United States and can now safely count on an increase in sales. However, in the market Honor and so occupy the second place in popularity.
Google’s conflict with Huawei Technologies has been going on for years. The reason for this, of course, is the struggle for the consumer.
The Chinese side constantly reminded that Huawei is the main partner of the Android operating system, which is being developed by an American corporation. Manufacturers noted that under no circumstances will they stop providing updates for security systems and after-sales service for all gadgets in their line. Of course, it was not profitable for the States.
First, the Americans tore up all cooperation agreements with Huawei, and then, on May 15, 2019, the US Department of Commerce put the company on the “black list”, citing the fact that the Chinese allegedly commit acts that threaten the national security of the country.
To survive in this war and raise sales, the owners of the Honor brand decided to separate from Huawei and return to the software familiar to users.

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