YouTube has launched one of the biggest promotion campaigns in history. Its goal is to attract the attention of Generation Z to the new content of short videos aimed at mobile devices.
YouTube pulls a trump card out of its sleeve: short films with stars and the largest music artists in the world. In a series of presentation videos, the service demonstrates how easy it is for young authors to create their own short videos using tracks of world celebrities.
During the pandemic, the YouTube platform saw the maximum surge in activity among social networks, according to a Pew Research study. The service decided to extend the success due to a new product – YouTube Shorts. And this new giant is a direct competitor to TikTok, Google is determined to push the competitor.
YouTube Shorts is the social media titan’s answer to the young but steadily growing leader TikTok, and a direct attempt to lure Generation Z to the Google-owned platform. YouTube Shorts positions itself as a simple and convenient tool for creating content in the usual YouTube. Users can create videos on their mobile devices and upload them directly to YouTube in a few clicks.
In its campaign, YouTube Shorts uses expensive, but effective ways to attract an audience: world celebrities – The Weeknd, Doja Cat and Camila Cabello-starred in the ad, which should be a signal to users: this new product has been approved in advance and received a “quality mark” from opinion leaders. The videos also show the simplicity and convenience of the new product.
According to statistics, the average duration of a video on YouTube is more than 11 minutes. Of course, the usual format of long videos or movies will continue to be popular among video hosting users, but YouTube is determined to capture other niches as well: how about “killing time” between meetings or standing in line “Galya, we have a cancellation”? Now TikTok and Instagram cover this need, but for how long?
YouTube strives to change the rules of the game and has an almost unlimited resource for this. More than 2 billion registered users and much more casual viewers come to the platform every month; the service also offers interesting affiliate programs for authors. Obviously, YouTube can easily take away market share from TikTok and Instagram.
Recently, the giant announced the creation of a $ 100 million YouTube Shorts fund, which will be distributed during 2021 and 2022 among authors who publish YouTube Shorts. The goal is to encourage all users who create content on the platform, not only those who participate in the YouTube partner program. This means that now any user who publishes his short videos can earn money.
An unprecedented excitement may well arise around the new YouTube Shorts product in the markets of many countries. Initially, short videos were only available in the US and India, but now Google’s Shorts are available in more than 100 countries around the world. The parent company of the Alphabet platform reported in its second-quarter earnings report that the result of the YouTube Shorts service exceeded 15 billion daily views.

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