Google has withdrawn from sale its cardboard VR glasses for $15 after almost seven years after the announcement

The user had to assemble the foundation and use the smartphone.

The Cardboard VR headset is no longer available to order from the Google Store, the Android Police said. The set for $15 (about 1.1 thousand rubles) included a cardboard base and special lenses. The user had to collect the glasses themselves by attaching a smartphone with pre-installed applications to them.
Cardboard supported most Android and iOS smartphones with a screen size of 4-6 inches. Android Police notes that such solutions can be purchased in third-party online stores.
Google released Cardboard in 2014. In the first year and a half, the headset was bought by 5 million people who installed applications for it 25 million times, Engadget wrote. The publication notes that glasses have played a big role in the democratization of virtual reality.
In 2019, the company opened the source code of the Cardboard SDK. On the website of her online store, she writes that she will continue to help the community “create new experiences” with this project.
In 2019, Google also stopped selling the Daydream View virtual reality headset and developing the Daydream VR platform after three years of working on them.

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