Google has started to develop its own processors for Chromebooks-Nikkei Asia

In August, the company announced Pixel smartphones on its own Tensor chip.

The company plans to release processors for laptops and tablets running on the Chrome operating system in 2023, Nikkei Asia writes, citing sources familiar with the matter.
The company’s new processors and chips are designed on the circuits of the British company Arm.
Google is also going to develop the production of chips for its smartphones and other devices. In August, it introduced new Pixel smartphones on its own Tensor chip.
Nikkei Asia sources said that the company has high hopes for the Pixel 6, so it asked suppliers to prepare 50% more production capacity for phones compared to 2019.
Experts interviewed by the publication note that this is a logical step by Google, but the production of processors requires large investments and competition for production capacity with leading chip developers Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm and others.

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