Google, following Apple, will oblige app developers to tell users what data they collect

The changes will take effect in 2022.

Google has announced that Google Play will have a “security section” that all Android app developers must fill out — to “help people understand what data apps collect,” writes The Verge.
The section will list the data that the app has access to, such as location, contacts, or personal information. Google will also allow developers to explain how data is used and why it is needed for applications to work.
For example, developers will be able to tell whether the data is encrypted, whether the applications comply with Google’s family policy, and more. The section will also indicate whether the user has the option to opt out of collecting information.
The new policy will apply to all applications, and an independent party will check the validity of the data. If the information is unreliable or the developers refuse to share the information, Google can block updates to the application, the publication writes.
The changes will take effect gradually: starting in the fourth quarter of 2021, developers will be able to start specifying what data they collect. Users will start seeing the “security section” in early 2022.
Google plans to reveal more information about its privacy settings in the second half of 2021.
Since December 2020, Apple has required app developers to disclose what data they collect and request consent to use IDFA (Apple Device ID for advertising attribution and analytics).

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