Google denied the statement of Roskomnadzor about problems with access to the search engine and YouTube due to a fire in the data center

The reason was incorrect router settings at the Russian provider, according to the company.

Google has denied a statement by Roskomnadzor that a fire in the OVHcloud data center in Strasbourg caused interruptions in access to sites after Twitter slowed down. This was reported by Insider with reference to a representative of the company.
The company conducted a “thorough investigation” and found no evidence that the fire or even Google’s own infrastructure was the main cause of the problems, the newspaper writes.
The reason was the incorrect configuration of routers from one of the Russian third-party providers, according to Google. The company does not specify its name.
On March 10, Roskomnadzor announced a slowdown in the speed of Twitter in Russia due to the fact that the social network does not delete “illegal information”.
At the same time, the work of the websites of state agencies and the provider “Rostelecom” failed. Roskomnadzor also slowed down the sites GitHub, Microsoft, Reddit, and everyone else with a combination of in the domain, the community of network specialists from Habr and the NTC forum found out.
The press service of Roskomnadzor said that the GitHub slowdown is not related to the Twitter restriction, but did not answer whether there is a connection between the combinations in domains and slowdowns of sites.
Users also complained about problems in the work of Yandex, Google, MTS, Qiwi, Russian Post and other companies. Roskomnadzor said the access problems were also not related to Twitter’s slowdown. The failure, according to the agency, occurred due to an accident in the building of the OVHcloud data center.
French media reported that the fire had caused “thousands of websites” in Europe to fail.

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