Lead Generation Web Sites And Personal Follow-up

When it comes to the “follow-up” after you’ve gotten your customer, there’s a lot of this you can automate, of course. Autoresponders, for example, are a great way to follow-up with customers instantaneously in many instances. However, they’re not good for everything, and this is where being able to “man the phones” is going to benefit your business greatly.

When a person joins your list and takes whatever initial offering you give, they may need more than an email thanking them for their purchase or a welcome to the list message. In some cases, the follow up needs to be done by a live person one on one, over the phone. Let’s face it; have you EVER seen an FAQ section that answered every question you had? No. It doesn’t exist.

So with a live person on the phone, the customer can ask anything and get an answer right now. That is the type of world we live in and the Internet has cultivated a “right now” attitude. We want things better, we want things faster and we want them right now. So acquiesce and give it to them right now. Hit the phones and take some calls.

The thing is, we’ve begun to ignore the phone as a communications technique, what with the easy availability and convenience of email. However, it can be very powerful indeed. Imagine being a new subscriber and getting a call from the person you’ve just subscribed with. Wouldn’t you be impressed? Oftentimes, too, subscribers like the immediacy of phone calls versus the “wait-and-see” climate an email communications technique can set up.

Another option here is still a live person with a twist. If you have the ability, set up the option for live chat with an operator. Customers get the same right now service and you gain the trust and dependability. Having people man the phones is not only beneficial to the customer, it’s also beneficial to you as a business owner.

By offering the live customer service in these ways, you are saying to your customers “I care and I want you to be 100% satisfied, so talk to us”. That is an absolute sizzling technique in the online business world, folks. It also shows that you are confident enough in your product that you are willing to speak to them about it any time. See the power here? You should.

So the next time a customer joins your list, give them a call or live chat within a few minutes. Simply providing them this “welcome message” and offering to be of service is going to set you apart to that customer. It will actually show that customer that you care, so that they’ll actually be much more willing to visit your site within a very short period of time, even 12 hours. Better yet, they’ll also tell other people about you and your service, so that those people, too, will become your customers.

You can get all of these benefits from just one small five-minute phone call or chat on the Internet.

One great thing about these phone calls is that you can get information from customers that you may not get otherwise. You can ask them during the course of the conversation, for example, about hobbies or other interests. You may find out that they would be interested in other products you have, or that hobbies they pursue our something you can help them with.

Just talk to them and see what shakes out. The point is to use that phone call for follow up as well as data mining.

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