In these days when the value of paper currencies is fluctuating the best bet one can take is the one on gold.

The yellow metal is a good investment for our future and also a safe inflation hedge for our savings. Despite the financial turmoil and the troubles in the euro zone the glittering metal has become even stronger.Also, as of recently it can be bought from a vending machine in Abu Dhabi.

Following the example of India who has bought only last year 200 tons of gold from the International Monetary Fund, most of the national reserves have started to be diversified with the help of the yellow metal. The only impact that the financial crisis in Greece has managed to do is to push the demand for the precious metal even higher than it was. In spite the fact that the American currency is doing so well in the past weeks, the precious metal has still been on the rise.

Something else that has determined the rise in the demand for the yellow metal is the fact that it is good to invest in the metal and it is also good to own it. This demand for gold has pushed forward the development of various ways in which one can invest in the metal. One can choose to purchase physical gold. The form in which physical gold can be found are gold coins like the South African Kruggerands, Maple Leaf Gold Coins and Austrian Philharmonic for example and also gold bars.

Another way of investing in physical metal is by purchasing gold by the gram. This can be considered the best way to invest especially for those that don’t want to overspend but are still interested to secure part if not all of their savings. Buying gold by the gram actually means spending the same amount of money as you would normally spend on a lunch with your friends. Another type of gold product in which you can invest in the gold account and also, gold shares.

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