GoJiyo Is All About Making Friends

Our world would not be the same if we don’t have our friends around. They bring the warmth which is needed by every one of us. Friends are important and this is why friendship values it a lot.

GoJiyo is all about meeting new people and making new friends. It is all about new friendships and new experiences. Being social and meeting new people was never this easy. Join in and you would know how easy is it to indulge in activities of mutual interest with your friends.

In fact this mutual interest would also help you make new friends. Based on the interests and activities you normally undertake and enjoy, you are suggested people who share the same preferences and interests.

The mutual interest acts like a bond and a friendship is catalyzed in this world. As and when you change your preferences so would be the changes in the kind of suggestions one gets. These suggestions are only pertaining to your interests and activities.

If mere adding people don’t result in a quick friendship then there is a chat window which comes handy when one is looking forward to break ice with strangers. Chat and talk about your interests with other tribe members. Meeting new people and make new friends.

There are so many activities around that you are bound to run into the ones you like. With thrilling activities like taming a tiger and adrenalin pumping activities like bungee jumping, the choices are many. Not only does the variety of these tasks differ in a region but also pan region wise there is a difference.

What makes it different from the other similar experiences is, rather than being a quest, it is an activity. As an activity you can do things as per your urge. You might go shopping after a bungee jumping session.

Everything is as per your will. There is nothing predefined here. There is not storyline which would lead you through some thrilling twists and turns. No one but you would be holding the threads to you. Do things as per your whims and get rewarded when you complete the activities.

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