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Glossy photo paper has existed for quite some time now as one of the best photo printing options. The difference today is that you can walk into many different kinds of stores and find this paper sitting on the shelf.

It has been a favorite throughout photographic history, the shine to it is attractive and adds a certain amount of pop to the picture. It is used to print pictures on. The paper has a shine to it that leaves the picture shiny as opposed to the flat matte finish. It comes in a variety of sizes.

All glossy photo paper is shiny; the weight is the differentiating factor. The heavier the weight of the paper the more expensive it will be. The heavier the weight of the paper the longer the photo will last. Also the size as in the length and the width will also vary and will play a considerable roll in the cost of the glossy photo paper.

The cost is usually around ten cents a sheet, it is cheaper to buy and print out pictures at home than it is to send pictures out to be printed.

It is a little more expensive than matte finished photo paper. It also comes in larger quantities, which are a great option for larger projects and to keep some on hand. It typically comes in several quantity options. Some of the quantities options only contain ten sheets, which is a good deal if there are only one or two pictures you want to print out.

Glossy photo paper is a great option for printing pictures at home; there are some specifications for some printers that have to be adhered to when choosing it. Some printers cannot use any other brand without causing damage to the printer.

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