It wasn’t too long ago that the globe was a tool used for a good deal more than only to instruct school children geography. Unfinished and uncompleted, the globe was a guide for brave explorers hoping to discover trade routes to prosperous lands filled with spices. Today, the globe itself represents that spirit of cleverness and journey. From antiqued globes that bring to mind a quieter time to high tech globes that speak of our advancements, a lot of people are turning to globes as a designing element in their homes. Choosing a style and form of globe is the first step toward designing a spirit of adventure and whimsy in your home.

Many homeowners looking to incorporate globes in their home do not realize how many different styles there are. In fact, the majority of us envision the blue and green globe raised with elevations that we used in the classroom. Instead, the number of models and variations of globes are actually very extensive. To begin narrowing your selection, it is a great idea to bear in mind the overall dcor of your home. If you aim towards more classic dcor, you may want to select an antique style globe, while more modern styling may necessitate something a bit flashier.

One of the most popular and interesting styles of globes hand made by Authentic Models are the Armillaries. These beautiful and distinctive looking globes use bands of metal, placed in a variety of ways, to indicate the passage of various celestial bodies. The most elegant of these globes comprise an almost filigree feel of interconnected bands. The base and stand of the armillary globes in particular are often luxurious. Beaten metal or burnished wood is used to create stands of figures, geometrical shapes or almost any design element you can imagine. The flexibility of design makes these globes a great focal point for a room.

Nautical dcor almost demands a globe of some type. Setting an interesting globe next to an Authentic Models replica of a sextant or other nautical tool can create a beautiful centerpiece for a room. By using a globe as a foundation for your overall design style and aesthetic, you can easily begin to pull together a nautical theme for any area in your house. Another proposal is to incorporate a small display of several different sizes of globes.

There are other uses for globes as well. Those with an awareness in history often incorporate several globes in their home. They also work fantastically in a garden. Globes present us a chance to say a lot about who we are and what we are interested in while still adding a beautiful design element to our home. Whether you have only a little space on a small table to include a small model or would like to incorporate a mobile of the solar system in your child’s room, an Authentic Models globe is a great addition to your home.

From balanced tabletop models to large Armillaries, globes are one of the best ways to finish a nautical themed room or home.

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