Glass Coffee Tables – Making Old Ones Modern

If you have older glass coffee tables that you adore, but are no longer keeping up the modern appearance that is suiting the rest of your house, you may be dealing with a small emotional turmoil.

Perhaps they were pieces that have been given to you by some older family member. Maybe they were the first good looking pieces of furniture you were able to buy for yourself. You don’t want to have to give up on the tables, but they just don’t have the look you want for the rest of your home any more.

Take a step back.

Before you scrap those glass coffee tables you love so much, think about whether there is something you can do to save them and let them remain a part of your home.

One thing numerous people don’t realize when it comes to their furniture pieces is that it might not really take a lot to make an old piece look newer and fit into your brand new decor.

Start with the frame of your glass coffee tables. It is wood? If it is an average brown tone of wood, this might be a large part of your problem. Generally, modern homes have much more solid colors like white or black. Luckily, it doesn’t take far to move your tables from here to there.

Decide whether you want to go gentle or dark then remove the glass from the table and get to work.

The process is pretty simple. If you want a darker table, you should strip down the current table and use a darker stain, say walnut, to make the color of the wooden darker. The great part of being able to stain is that you can keep the grain of the wood intact, but still change the table color to suit your needs.

If you want to go light, you may be able to strip down the wooden and use a whitewash, but frequently you will have to resort to white paint to really get the color to work.

Now that the table itself has been updated, what about the glass? You may be able to set the glass in and be happy with the look. But, many times, people who really have a much more modern look on their mind realize the glass doesn’t quite fit the newly colored table. That’s not really a problem.

There are plenty of glass shops around that can help you update the glass portion of your coffee tables as well. It is best to go to one of the shops and have them show you the options for updating the glass in your table. Instead of clean glass, maybe you want a frosted look? Or if you actually want to go all out, you might set your sites on glass that has been etched with geometric shapes or some other modern design.

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