Giving Your Doorman A Tip During The Holidays – Items To Take Into Account

The issue of how much to tip doormen is usually brought up when the holiday season is around the corner. A majority of apartment tenants go through the motions and give a tip while others question the practice, saying that doormen already get tips as they perform their duties throughout the year.

Many individuals will agree that the extra tip they are giving their doormen are not for the service throughout the year, but the year to come. They sincerely hope that with a tip during the holiday season, the doormen will be motivated to press on with ensuring their work is of the highest quality in the coming year.

Tips range from country to country, state or state, city to city. It is common for doormen residing in New York City to receive twenty or fifty dollar tips, sometimes more. It is important to consider a few different factors that you should use to evaluate how much an appropriate tip is.

Out of all the different variables, you need to assess whether you are living in an expensive apartment, how big the complex is, what level of service is given by the doorman, if they are friendly, and how many doormen there are to tip. If you are new, the best idea would be to ask a neighbor how much is appropriate.

In other apartments, the management companies or cooperative boards offer guidelines or suggestions. Their participation towards holiday tipping can range from merely providing a roster of the building’s staff to suggesting a specific amount for each staff. Some people prefer this since it will keep their holiday tipping expenses more manageable.

Some complexes are very organized and will ask for contributions from all the tenants, which is then dispersed accordingly to all the relevant people. Again, many people like this as it is an easy and fair way to tip.

Some residents may want to be more personal than this and will give an actual gift as well as money, maybe food or a bottle of wine. Usually, when you tip, you should feel good about it.

It pays to find out what usually happens in your complex, then adhere to that. Give the tip in an envelope with a note of appreciation, this is usually the nicest way to do it.

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