Give Your Wedding Guests Great Favors

If you have a wedding to plan, you probably already know the cost can get out of control. From food to decorations, everything is more expensive than you think it is going to be. If you are looking for money saving tricks but still want fun favors, look for ways to incorporate your style and interests into creative favors. Take some time to think about your shared interests with your future spouse. Is there something the two of you love to do together, or did you meet an interesting way that can be incorporated into the wedding? For instance, if the two of you met at a game, consider incorporating sports cards into the favors or if both of you enjoy watching the big game on Sundays, football cards might make great wedding favors.

Other ways to bring your favorite team to the wedding is with colors and logos. If you think more traditional favors would work better, but you want to pay homage to your favorite teams, consider things like candles, photo frames, or candy in the colors of your team. You can even include the team logo if you want to spend a little more.

If athletics are not what you love, there are plenty of other options. Are you and your honey art lovers? Frame a small print to share with guests. It gives them something that will later remind them of your wedding day. In addition to favors, the print can be used on invitations or wedding programs. If you are not art lovers but you like the idea of sharing a picture, give guests a photo of a special place or vacation destination.

Finally, you can consider using food for a favor. Even though guests will not have something a few years down the road from the wedding, chances are they will enjoy eating a food favor more than displaying a trinket from the big day. If you are going to give food items, select something unique and personal. Many couples share candied almonds and nothing more. If you are looking for something more creative, there are still plenty of food options.

Consider favorite foods you and your significant other enjoy sharing. Did you have your first date at a Mexican restaurant then consider making salsa and canning it for the guests to enjoy later. Do you exchange handmade chocolates every Valentine’s Day? Share these gourmet goodies with the wedding guests. If there is a special item you bake or cook that you both enjoy, box it up and share with others. There are small boxes and plastic bags available at craft stores that are great for packaging. If guests leave a wedding with a special treat, they will be glad they came!

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