Give The Whole World As Your Gift This Year

2 weeks ago was my husband’s birthday, I tell you what, I had run into a real situation. I couldn’t think of any good ideas and I wanted it to be special. He is just one of these really technical guys. Currently its all on the subject of ipods, laptops, smart phones and devices that I can neither remember nor appreciate. And furthermore, if he actually desires it, he just goes to the store and gets it himself. I make an effort not to think about the amount of cash that goes towards this.

Then, I was downstairs attempting to create any kind of headway in tidying his office, when I realized that the answer had been staring me down. To explain this, allow me describe his office first. My husband’s office stands out as the dark, dank pit of everything is unholy. You can find piles of newspaper everywhere, stacks of books, file folders, paperclips, post-its, you name the office supply and it is certainly in there somewhere. And am I permitted to come in contact with any of the documents or instruction manuals? Oh, no! All of it is where it is for an exact reason, he would lose several hours of work and so on and so forth So I clean around them, delicately throwing away any litter that obviously does not comprise of notes on it (he just loves to use napkins for his brainwork).

But all this, I’m sure I can cope with. So it looks like a dude works here, okay. At the least, my cleaning abilities cannot be held accountable for that! But the space is 100% undecorated; unless you include the fantastic leather bound encyclopedias here and there, the mini skeleton on his desk, and north american map poster on the south wall. Now, I am mostly certain, knowing my husband, that the inspiration behind the sculpture attached to the desk as well as poster attached to the wall, is that he desired to appear cultured. Of course, we could have enough money better than that crummy poster, except he would in no way spend the time making it happen.

So, clearly a gift to him is also a present to me! I searched high and low before I knew exactly what I sought after. To my surprise, I got the idea of getting him a globe. I by no means would have dreamed that this would be the solution, but the more often I thought about it, I realized a Replogle Globe could be a simple method to offer his place of work some greatly needed stylishness and charm. Spontaneously adding a vintage cartography globe to his office may well manifest that “old school” look that you often see in an old library in England or something. I found delightful old world globes, as well as desktop globes, and also floor standing globes from Replogle, which I’m sure will look amazingly elegant (Definitely thousands of times better, compared to that darn map poster on the wall!).

I finally ended up choosing an antique desktoptop globe and snuck it on his muddled desk while he was at work. What a bombshell, ha! It was pretty difficult getting all his guides and manuscripts back exactly as they were, but we think we will deal with it okay. He loves his gift so much! (I sure do!)

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