Gift Cards: Why Gift Cards are the Perfect Gift for Teens and Young Adults

When faced with a gift-giving occasion, many parents of teens and young adults opt for gift cards. They are an ideal gift for this demographic because the vast majority of them want to receive them. Following is an inside look at why gift cards are the perfect gift for teens and young adults.
According to a 2006 Zogby Holiday Interactive poll, a full 75% of those aged 18-24 said they actually like receiving gift cards as gifts. This makes sense for a number of reasons.
Gift Cards Relieve Parental Confusion
Many parents are stymied about a multitude of things when it comes to their teens and young adult children. And, no wonder. They’re not the most loquacious group. That is, at least not with their parents. So what’s a parent to do?
Do you risk buying a gift that will most likely be returned anyway? Or, do you gift them a gift card and let them have at it at the mall with their friends? Most teens and young adults would probably opt for the second choice. After all, the only gift a parent selects that’s likely to satisfy this age group is the one with four wheels attached, ie, a car.
And apparently, parents already know this. According to the poll cited above, almost 60% of those who had children aged 17 and younger at home planned to give gift cards as holiday gifts.
Teens and young adults though aren’t the only ones who like to receive gift cards. Two other broad groups like them as well: ie, men and women.
Why Men Like to Receive Gift Cards
Of the 12,806 recipients in the Zogby poll discussed here, 66% of men said they were hoping to receive a gift card. Could it be that dear old dad is tired of receiving a shirt, tie and soap-on-a-rope year after year?
Women Like to Receive Gift Cards Too
Almost 75% of women in this survey admitted that a gift card was a preferred gift for them.
From these findings, one could surmise that gift cards are the perfect gift for the whole family.

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