Gift Cards: How to Eliminate Gift-Giving Stress Forever

You would think that giving a gift would be a time of joy. However, for many, it is an unbelievably stressful time. You may obsess over selecting the right gift, for the right person, for the right occasion at the right price. Given this, it’s easy to see why it can be stressful. However, gift cards can eliminate the stress of gift giving – forever. Really!
Following is a fool-proof plan to eliminate the worry of gift giving.
Get Organized: Part of the reason gift giving is so stressful is that occasions usually sneak up on us, eg:

I forgot that Aunt Harriet’s birthday is day after tomorrow; or

My niece is getting his driver’s license in three days; or
Uncle Joe’s retirement party is just a week away.

Once you realize this, off you go – scurrying for the perfect present. To prevent this, create a calendar of gift-giving occasions for all of your family and friends for an entire year.
You can use a paper or an electronic calendar, but the key is to keep it where you can see it at all times. This way, gift-giving occasions won’t slip up on you and you can purchase your gift cards in batches. And when you purchase gift cards online, you not only save time, you save money as well.
Gift Cards: Why They are the Ideal Gift for All Occasions
Research shows that gift cards are a preferred gift and the overriding reason is that recipients like being able to buy exactly what they want. Following are a few other reasons gift cards are so popular as gifts:
Good as Cash: Gift cards are just like cash so you can use them to purchase anything a merchant sells. Instead of pulling out cash, you simply swipe your card.

Combine with Other Discounts: Because gift cards are just like cash, you can combine them with coupons, discounts and other rebates a merchant may be offering to get additional savings.
Most Never Expire: The vast majority of gift cards never expire. Recent governmental intervention has made this possible. Check with the merchant at hand for more details regarding your particular gift card.
Gift Card, Stress-Relieving Tip: For unexpected gift-giving occasions, keep a few gift cards on hand. This way, you’ll never be pressed into shopping at the last minute for the perfect gift.
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