While it is true that every weight loss program will claim to generate results, most studies seem to indicate that prescription HCG actually does produce results. The claim that prescription HCG can deliver approximately 26 pounds of weight loss in 26 days is actually supported by real weight loss studies.

The term HCG has made more and more appearances in conversations over the past few years but even with this increase in use many people are left wondering just what HCG is; HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a naturally occurring hormone that assists the hypothalamus in the regulation of emotions and fat control. These days many of the foods we eat contain agents that decrease our HCG levels and because of such can result in weight management difficulty.

Taking advantage of the research preformed by Dr. Simeon and documented in his book “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity”, the prescription HCG weight loss program has been successful in helping many lose weight that have been unsuccessful with other programs.

The results and information available in Dr. Simeon’s book “Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity” has been accessible for many years but only to those within exclusive circles. In more recent years as more and more doctors have come to recognize the importance of an effective weight loss program to combat the growing obesity program, prescription HCG has increased in popularity and accessibility.

Because HCG works so well with the natural chemistry of the body creating an environment ideal for internal fat burning, prescription HCG has become a valuable weight loss approach for many weight loss programs. However, it should only be used with a prescription from an HCG trained physician.

As HCG does its job and empties out tissue cells, the number of these emptied cells increases. Often these empty cells are filled with water prior to being reabsorbed. This can lend itself to creating a false reading on the scale as it is these fat less cells are now holding water. Eventually, this water is released, the cells are absorbed by the body and the scales’ reading is more reflective of actual weight.

The prescription HCG weight loss program should be used only by those wishing to lose a substantial amount weight. The program is not designed to meet the needs of those wishing to only lose 5-10 lbs. Those who want to lose 5-10 pounds should not contact their physician about HCG, but look into minimizing food intake and increasing exercise. Individuals looking to experience significant weight loss may benefit by speaking to a physician.

With the prescription HCG weight loss program, dieters are generally able to lose the weight other programs were unable to remove. This extreme weight loss occurs naturally with the re-introduction of HCG to the body. By adhering to the protocol, dieters experience increased weight loss and greater success in keeping the weight off.

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