Getting A Great Deal On A Car Part I

There is nothing like the thrill of a new or used automobile that is new to you! Visiting the home of each and every friend you ever had to show it off. Spit shining it every single opportunity you get. The only negative part about the deal is, well… the transaction. Fortunately, there is a means to catch a great price on car and this insider info will save yourself you both time and money.

How many hours have you lost babbling about a new car deal, only to find out that the dealer had other contract clauses planned that greatly increased the cost? I have wasted whole days in the auto buying process.

What does “factory invoice price” truly mean? The amount that you see on the automobile is the “manufacturer’s suggested retail price”. You do not want to pay this over-inflated price. Purportedly, the “factory invoice price” is what the merchant paid the manufacturer for the car. The seller will have an invoice with this price on it.

When you hear a seller say that he will sell to you “below invoice”, you ask yourself how on earth he could make any income. You may possibly think that you are receiving the bargain of the decade. Well, not so fast. The factory invoice price most likely is not what the dealer had to pay out for the vehicle.

Dealers get all sorts of incentives on top of this base price. Carryover allowances and other special discounts added in make the true cost of the vehicle less than the price on the invoice. This can run to to the tune of $500-$2000 dollars. So you can buy a vehicle at $100 under the factory invoice and still be fattening the pocket book of the salesperson more than enough.

Request if the automobile manufacturer features a factory-to-customer rebate. You have to get this straight from the manufacturer, but every little bit helps!

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