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Selecting a mobile plan for your handset is as important as making a purchase of a mobile handset. Analyzing ourselves mobile usage is of utmost concern before deciding on taking up an operator’s service. It is not the type of billing but the applicable unit charges that determine whether the plan is indeed a better option for you or not.

The secret to minimizing your telecom expenditure is in knowing your specific calling needs. This way, you can make an informed decision and choose the optimal plan and top it up with the most suitable add-on pack. Need we say, you will have successfully plugged an unnecessary leak in your hard earned savings account?

Out of the enormous plans available today the per second billing plan is getting the most numbers. The per second billing plan is far better and always beneficial as compared to other plans. That’s because you are charged according to your second-usage and not just minute-usage as has been the norm till now. For instance, if you make a call for less duration or for a limited cause, then you are charged for the same and not for the whole minute or pulse.

With the market being flooded by per minute billings plans, mobile service providers realize that customers cannot be taken on a ride with per second billing plans without offering plans with unit charges at less than a paisa per second, and so some service providers have already started offering per second billing plans at 0.5ps/sec.

You will be happy to know that such a thing is just a click away from you. helps choose the appropriate plan from the various options. helps one understand your mobile usage pattern and allows you to compare the available plans in the market both within your current service provider and across all service providers and gives a suggestion about the best and unique one to be selected among. was started in 2007, it is an independent unbiased service provider bringing you personalized recommendations to save on your mobile expenditure. It comes from the Trilogy stable of innovative solutions for users and companies in the telecom and automotive space. Founded in’89, Trilogy has enjoyed decades of profitable success working with Global 1000 companies.

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