Shortness of breath, the urge to flee or fight, dizziness, hyperventilating, palpitations, sweating, anxiety, these are some o the symptoms of a panic attack. In most situations it happens all at once or at least in quick succession. The first time it happens it can be quite worrying because you don’t really know what is happening. The first few times it happens is when the feeling is worst. After a few times you may learn to cope with it and move on in life.

Even to this day there is no real cure for panic attacks except maybe some life style changes. For example studies have shown that people, who consume a lot of caffeine and tobacco, are more likely to suffer from panic attacks. The “good” news is that after the first few times, you will be able to tell before it happens which will allow you to do a few things to avoid it or even stop it completely from happening. The next part of the article, we will be discussing ways to avoid it. The fact is each person’s experience of panic attacks maybe slightly different; however, the following tips will be of great help.

Don’t stop breathing. As you first experience the symptoms, do not forget to take deep breaths. It is an all too common occurrence where people stop breathing. After you have taken in deep breaths try and slow down the thought process. Try and relax as much as possible and take deep breaths, which is what women in labor will do.Think Happy. After you have the breathing under control, think of something or somebody that makes you happy. It’s what some people call going to your “happy place”.

Walking. If possible leave whatever you are doing especially if it is a stressful situation and go out doors for a walk. This way your body is moving and you will also be able to breathe some fresh air. While walking, talk to people, even strangers, anything to distract yourself from your present situation.

Remind oneself. When an attack happens, try and tell yourself that it is a short term experience and that it will pass by soon. It is true that while it is happening it can be a frightening experience but it is not a dangerous condition. The object of all the above exercises is to distract oneself from the panic attack.What all of these exercises aim to do is distract the person from anxiety attacks and be able to go on with a normal life and not have to fear it.

Now, find the best way to Uk marriage visa stop panic attacks for good. There are many resources out there, but you should look into natural ways before taking prescription medications. Finding out Uk marriage visa how to cure panic attacks should be your only priority, nobody should live their life with this illness.

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