Get Financial Aid Through Your Employer!

When people think of a McDonald’s employee, they usually think of a person who either is using this type of job as entry to the work field or who is doomed to perpetual limbo asking if customers want fries with their burgers. Actually, the land of the Golden Arches also offers a program it calls the McDonald’s USA National Employee Scholarship Program. Employees who have worked for them for only four months can get anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 a year in college grants, online or on campus. The only other proviso is that the person continue working there 15 hours a week. While this type of scholarship is for those who work for that company, other types, such as Pell grants for college, are not that job-specific.

What many don’t realize is that college financial aid could come from a place of employment. Many companies see this as a great way to develop a high quality pool for future management. While $5,000 may not pay a full year’s tuition, it certainly helps considerably. As such, all prospective students should also fill out their FASFA forms and apply for a Pell and any other academic grant they can find. If you need more information about pell grants, look on the internet.

College For Katie is a web site that actually lists a number of ways corporations give the college students an academic boost. Those considering an online degree, or their parents if minors, should ask their company benefits department if they have any of the following programs:

Direct Pay Tuition Assistance: The most direct of the forms of financial assistance. The employer pays up front for the course, certificate or degree program. The employee has no out of pocket expense. One could say this is as pure a form of financial aid outside of government grants and academic scholarships as is possible.

Reimbursed Tuition Assistance: The employer pays for the course, certificate, or degree program after the employee has successfully completed the program. The employer may pay after each course or only after the certificate or degree is completed. There is an abundance of information about school grants on the web.

529 College Savings Program: Allusions towards a form of savings program is fairly accurate. As part of an employer’s pay contract, they offer a college savings program. The employer may match contributions made by the employee into the program. Parents in particular should think about this.

On the Job Training: A form of work study where the employee advances his/her education while working. Many employers have developed comprehensive training programs that mix classroom and working. Some employers have arranged with online and local community colleges to provide credit for the completion of such programs.

Again, what the company offers may not be enough to pay a year’s worth of school, but it could still be considerable when it supplements Uk marriage visa online grants for college or other grant and scholarship offerings. Talking to an online college financial advisor about Uk marriage visa student loans is another great place for more information.

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