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In terms of driving targeted traffic to your webpages then social review sites are a must and for that reason ought to be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Squidoo and HubPages work in pretty much the same way and not only do they get tonnes of relevant targeted visitors to your site but you also get those all important strong back links. has huge credibility with the major search engines including Google and Yahoo, and with over 27 million readers per month it’s a medium not be missed. Go to, open an account and create a hub. Hubs are like a webpage where you create an article of interest on any given topic or niche, and like all good articles providing the content is interesting, informative, and of value then people will want to read it, there are literally 1000’s of readers who are interested in good quality information on virtually every topic. Hubpages are widely regarded as being one of the best ways to create an online presence. Here are a few of the features and benefits of using HubPages within your marketing strategy.

To open an account with Hubpages is totally FREE!

HubPages allow you to interact with people with similar thoughts and interests; you can post a page and receive instant gratification, anyone can post positive comments providing you have something of interest to say. If and when you attract loyal followers who like what you have to say, they will receive notification every time you publish something new.

You can upload photo’s and video’s etc to give your pages more appeal.

For making any website more visible to the search engines then strong back links are the key, if you would like free highly targeted traffic to any site or web site then the more back links you’ve got from highly visited sites like Hubpages, the more visible they become to the search engine spiders, and with over 27,000,000 monthly readers it doesn’t get much better than that, HubPages boasts state of the art visibility to all the major search engines.

Last but not least take advantage of HubPages rewards, as well as the highly targeted traffic and that all important Link juice, HubPages provides you with easy access to the Internet’s top income generating tools, such as Google ads, eBay and Amazon offers. The opportunity to earn royalties simply by writing about your favourite topic is the icing on the cake! When an impression or ad is placed on your HubPage you get 60% of the commission on every sale, it’s a no brainer as they say and a win, win, win! Don’t lose out on this all important marketing tool and make sure you incorporate it into your everyday or weekly marketing routine.

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