Gay people who want to have a great vacation in South America now have a lot more destinations to choose from. The continent has a massive variety of places to go and things to do and increasingly vocal gay rights movements have ensured that it is safer than ever. There are lots of companies now offering gay vacations to South America.

It will take a while before any of the other destinations rival Brazil. Traditionally gay people have flocked to the big cities of Rio and Sao Paulo but now more of the country is opening up. Gay travelers will now find more places along the coast to visit, especially between Fortaleza and Salvador.

Buenos Aires is probably the most European city on the continent and its residents, Portenos pride themselves on their open minded attitude. It is now legal for same sex couples to have a civil marriage ceremony in Buenos Aires so things have come a long way in a short time. There is not a dedicated gay area but there are increasing numbers of gay bars and clubs all over the central areas of the city. Palermo is the most popular place to stay among gay travelers. It is a chic area with high class boutiques and bars and some hotels dedicated to gay travelers.

Colombia is losing its scary image of the past and is an up and coming vacation destination. The capital, Bogota is renowned for cultural events and a great night out. The Chapinero Alto neighborhood is home to the gay scene. There are tons of restaurants, cafes, bars galleries, hotels and a gay grocers shop. Over the summer months there are a large number of cultural events in the city, most of them are free and the Gay Pride event is in June. Colombians are renowned for their hospitality and their love of a good time so it will not be long until Bogota is competing with Rio and Buenos Aires.

Cosmopolitan Santiago, the capital of Chile is another up and coming gay destination. Thanks to an especially active and vocal gay rights movement things are changing rapidly. A new law has just been proposed to legalize same sex partnerships so gay visitors to the city should not have any problems. The second city Valparaiso is a fascinating city with a LGBT movement of its own. When many travelers visit Chile though, it is not for the cities. The country has an incredible variety of natural habitats from the glacier covered south to the northern deserts and incredible landscapes of all kinds in between. These offer countless opportunities for sports and adventure so a trip to Chile could really include a bit of everything.

Other South American countries offer travel which is a bit more off the beaten path. This does not mean that gay travelers cannot find great trips to Peru, Bolivia or Ecuador. All the capitals have gay friendly places although not established scenes. However the real appeal of these countries is more adventurous pursuits such as jungle exploration, climbing, trekking, ancient ruins, traditional cultures and unique landscapes.

The popularity of South America as a vacation destination is growing. Reflecting this there are many travel agents who specialize in gay trips. The draw of places like Macchu Picchu is now pulling in more and more gay travelers.

If you want a trip full of adventure and variety check out gay tours to South America. You will find places with friendly people and amazing opportunities.

The author, Howie Holben, is the owner of Spirit Journeys, a Uk marriage visa gay vacations group that specializes in spiritual travel. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. You can find more about Howie, his work and Uk marriage visa gay tours with spirituality at Spirit Journeys website.

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