Gay Holiday Destinations In Australia

Gay vacations to Australia are a ton of fun. Australia itself is an awesome vacation destination. It is a once in a life time opportunity. It is something you will never forget. But if you are part of the LGBT community, then a trip down under can open up whole new worlds for you. You will not believe the crazy amount of fun you will have on a vacation like this!

One thing that you might not know about Australia is that they really do know how to have a lot of fun. For example, Mardi Gras celebrations are actually thrown all over this beautiful country. Deck yourself out and make sure that you get down to Sydney and you will find yourself right in the mist of the G & L Mardi Gras!

If that tickles your fancy, then you definitely should not miss the Birdsville Races, either. This ain’t your average Ascot kind of race, baby! Drink beer, place bets, and definitely wear your most fabulous and flamboyant costume. Actually, bring a few, because you might want to stay the night so you do not miss any of the fun!

Another amazing event is the oh so fun Hobart Yacht Race. This also takes place in Sydney and it is always great for a whole lot of fun. A tried and true Boxing Day celebration, there is nothing better than spending the day near the water, watching all the vibrant sails as the boats race. Picnics are a must. There is always plenty of food, so do not worry about a New Year hangover!

If you are looking for some music during your trip, make sure that you go on your vacation during the Big Day Out. This is actually a huge, awesome music festival that takes place during the summer months in Australia and for sure, it is one of the best places to see some of your favorite bands. PJ Harvey, Coldplay and of course Placebo are just a few of the bands that partake in this particular music festival!

If you are a film buff, Australia also has a great event for you. The famed Tropfest Film Festival occurs in February. A one night event, it is well known for introducing tomorrow’s next big filmmaker to the movie lovers of today. You never know just what kind of masterpiece you are going to get to see.

Finally, if you are just looking to relax and chill out with your partner, Australia is certainly the best place for you to do that. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking and totally beautiful and if you are looking for swimming, hiking, sailing or even just exploring and eating, Australia is the place to do it in. There are a ton of bars and certainly a heck of a lot of restaurants as well as a lot of nature things for you to look at.

Gay travel to Australia give you a chance to be yourself while you enjoy yourself. You can really revel in your solidarity with your mates. Be proud, have a fantastic time, and make the kinds of memories that will last a lifetime in Australia!

Spirit Journeys’ author Howie Holben, runs a Uk marriage visa gay vacations organization that focuses on spiritual travel. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. You can learn more about Howie, his work and Uk marriage visa gay tours with a spiritual emphasis at Spirit Journeys website.

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