Egypt hosts a wide variety of historical, cultural and religious sites, which makes the entire country fascinating. Gay travel to Egypt can include anything from taking a cruise on the Nile, crossing the desert on a camel, shopping in open-air souks, and taking in the awe-inspiring Great Pyramids of Giza, to shopping and dining in modern cities and relaxing on the pristine white sands of world-famous beaches. From the Temple of Edfu and the burial tombs in the Valley of Kings, to browsing through the Khan al Khalili Bazaar or visiting King Tutankhamun’s treasures in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt truly has endless offerings. Folks planning a gay vacation to Africa will not want to pass up the mystique and allure of Egypt, which is an excellent choice for gay travel.

While gay vacations to Egypt can be safe and very fulfilling travel experiences, there are some things that LGBT travelers should know. The government of Egypt has increased efforts to persecute and imprison members of the LGBT community in recent years, which includes undercover sting operations at local gathering places, setting men up for arrest through meetings arranged in online chat rooms and some well-publicized trials and imprisonments, such as the Queen Boat raid where over 50 men were arrested in 2001.

Most of these efforts have been aimed at arresting Egyptian men; however, in some instances women and tourists have also been included. One of the most publicized cases of a sting operation that led to numerous arrests and imprisonment was the 2001 raid of the Queen Boat, which resulted in the arrest of over 50 men.

With that said, this is not to imply that Egypt should be avoided during gay travel, or that travelers will feel unwelcome amongst the locals. Most visitors find locals throughout the country to be very warm and welcoming and have reported no problems with the government or police during gay vacation trips. Of course, this ongoing persecution does mean that it is difficult, if not impossible to find any visible LGBT communities; however, there are popular gathering spots in Cairo, Aswan, Dahab, Alexandria, Luxor and other metropolitan areas. It is important to note that while these hangouts do exist, discretion should be used, because the police are also well aware of locations frequented by the LGBT community.

Egypt is a land of mystery with several must-see historical and cultural attractions. To experience some of the best offerings of Egypt, while also helping to ensure a safe trip without hassles, those seeking gay vacations to Egypt should consider taking in this intriguing country as part of a gay travel tour, or at the very least, going through a travel agency that is aware of issues of concern to the LGBT community and is able to provide the information necessary for safe, fulfilling gay vacations to Egypt.

Howie Holben facilitates Spirit Journeys, a Uk marriage visa gay travel organization that focuses on spiritual travel. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. You can learn more about Howie, his work and a Uk marriage visa gay tour with a spiritual focus at Spirit Journeys website.

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