Build your raised bed for gardening. Plant your vegetables and flowers and watch them grow. After you have built your raised beds they will be easy to keep up and give you many years of gardening to enjoy.

Using a raised bed garden due to being unable to plant in the ground for one reason or another will offer you a richer soil with great compost added. By doing a raised bed garden your vegetables and flowers will grow larger and fuller. Raised beds offer benefits for people with disabilities letting them move with ease throw the rolls to weed and harvest. Raised beds extend your growing season by controlling moisture and temperature.

When building a raised bed garden you may use basic materials such as wood, bricks, stones, blocks. Most people will opt for treated wood, be sure the treated wood is ok to use an will not affect your soil or your plants and vegetables may die. You will need screws, nails, and twine. It is also recommended to lay down weed sheeting so weed are controlled. Building a raised bed is like building a box, just measure how long and how wide and high you will need it to be.

After you have your boxes build you can place them where your garden is going to be started, or build them in a garden you already have. If you are just starting be sure to place in a sunny spot, Where the ground has been prepared and leveled out. After the beds are placed you may fill with rich top soil and compost mix, to ensure they will hold moisture and offer good root growth.

You will need to fill your raised bed with ideal soil, try to use a combination of the soil from your existing garden and a mixture of peat and manure. This will make your raised bed perfect for growing plants and vegetables. Once your raised bed is full of the soil mixture, then place small nails every 12″ around the top of the wood, this act as spacers for your vegetables. Now you are ready to plant, choose your plants and vegetables wisely.

Now that are raised bed gardens are established they will last for many years to come. Each year after the first year of planting will require less maintenance. This will give us more time to enjoy our garden. More people are using raised bed gardens then ever before.

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